Safety Management Systems

Safety Management System (SMS) is a systematic approach to manage safety. At 748 Air Services Ltd, we are committed to achieving the highest level of safety and quality performance whilst meeting national and international standards.

Seven Four Eight Air Services (K) Limited is committed to promoting a safety culture that protects its employees, clients, contractors, subsidiaries and the general public while meeting KCAA/ICAO requirements.

Seven Four Eight Air Services (K) Limited, shall continuously measure, improve and strengthen its safety culture leadership, goal-setting, and employee involvement.

To achieve the desired level of Safety Performance, Seven Four Eight Air Services (K) Limited will:

• Operate Hazard Identification and Reporting with Risk Management processes to mitigate the Safety Risks and the consequences of Hazards to achieve continuous improvements in our Safety Performance,

• Ensure a non-punitive reporting system so that employees may make a report without any punitive action unless it can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt, gross negligence or, willful disregard for regulations or procedures,

• Treat legislative and regulatory requirements as the minimum standard and wherever possible exceed those standards,

• Ensure that trained human resources are available to implement Safety Strategies and Processes,

• Ensure that all staff are provided with adequate Safety Information and that they are competent in safety related matters associated with their task which should commensurate with their training and skills,

• Measure the company's safety performance against industry standards and realistic performance targets,

• Continuously improve the company's safety performance through monitoring and measurement and adjustment of performance targets, and

• Ensure that external suppliers deliver products and services that meet the company's safety and quality standards.

The Accountable Manager (Managing Director) is fully committed to the provision of all appropriate resources that will result in a culture that fosters safe practices, communications and, the same attention to results as other Management Systems.

The Accountable Manager will personally monitor the Company's SAFETY PERFORMANCE on an ongoing basis.

At 748 Air Services Ltd, we have a strong safety culture rooted in continuous Hazard identification and risk assessment system.

• We strive to achieve continual improvement in 748 Air Services’ level of safety by establishing and achieving performance targets.

• We actively manage identified hazards by analyzing the contributing safety risks, through root cause analysis.

• We comply with all ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices and all national regulatory requirements.

• We encourage our employees to report safety issues without reprisal through our Non-Punitive safety reporting culture. To support the reporting culture, we have an online internet based system that is available to the staff anywhere and everywhere which is supplemented by manual backup system.

The Company’s safety culture is the product of the Company’s personal dedication and accountability of the employees.

Safety Is No Accident!

Through our Quality Department, we are committed to ensure the highest level of quality in both the AMO and AOC. We continuously strive to exceed Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority and Foreign Civil Aviation Authority Regulations by applying stringent Audit Programs throughout the company.

Our Quality department staff is well trained, experienced and qualified to maintain comprehensive Quality and Safety Systems effectively. The Quality Department emphasis is focused on “Continuous Improvement” principles throughout all Departments.